Clark Mobile Notary Services

About Us

A service specifically created to help people who are unable to travel to a Notary.  Someone who needs the service of a Notary, but is unable to travel, often feels that they are helpless, and are bound by a legal document they can't change because they can't get the help of a Notary.  Call us - we will come to your home or the hospital and help you when you need help the most.  Be ready to explain what it is you need done when you speak with us, and we will tell you if it is something we can help you with, and if you will need a witness for the document (s) in addition to a Notary.  This helps us all to plan ahead so we have everything needed when we meet. 

Civil Litigation Paralegal

Experienced Notary

 Bonded / Insured / CBC compliant

 Private, Confidential Service

Hospital ~ Nursing Home ~ Residence ~ Business

General Notary Services

Legal Support for Law Firms & Insurance Companies


~ We Do Not Give Legal Advice ~